About Us

Jess Evans 

Early childhood music and Vocal Teacher

Jess has a Diploma in Childrens services and an Undergraduate certificate in music from the Australian Institue of Music. She has recently completed Bachelor of Music Performance through the Australian College of the Arts.

Jess has over 12 years experience working in early childhood services where she developed strong skills in using music to aid in child development. She understands the importance of music in building neurological connections and developing relationships and uses her knowledge and experience in these areas to assist the families that join our music classes from bubs until they start school.

Jess began singing when she was 8 years old and has experience both in contemporary music performance and musical theatre performance as a performer and a director. Jess uses her awareness of vocal anatomy to assist her students in further developing their instrument as well as integrating music theory concepts into her lessons to help them understand the how and why of their voices and allow them greater control.

Dave Evans

Drums and Guitar Teacher and Audio engineer

Dave has vast performing experience, beginning his musical journey as a drummer at the age of 4 before following in his dad's footsteps and picking up a guitar in high school. Dave's performance experience continues to grow as he helps write, record and release new music as part of two bands Science Rockets, based in Newcastle, and Forgonia which is based in Sydney. 

Dave uses his extensive experience with music to assist students in understanding rhythm and melody and help develop both their theoretical understanding as well as their Aural skills. this combination of Theory and Aural helps his students develop a keen understanding of their instrument and encourages them to explore and develop their knowledge on their own.

In 2022 Dave completed his Diploma of Audio Engineering through he Australian college of the arts. Dave currently uses this to record our students and give them vital experience in how to record themselves effectively and offers workshops to allow local musicians to come and build their DAW and recording skills to better equip them to market their music to a wider audience.

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